Immerse yourself in an exclusive plant-based travel transformation! From reboot weekend cruises to holistic wellness retreats all over the world, we believe in the power of live events. What better way to experience health and wellness than treating yourself to a healing adventure for the soul?! Our retreats are not only centered around plant-based foods, but also mind, body, and spirit. We create a once in a lifetime healing experience that will leave you inspired, motivated, and transformed. Come Retreat Yo Self with us!



Bahamas, June 20-22, 2020

Reboot wellness Cruise is a transformational travel experience platform focused on cutting-edge, healthy lifestyle engagement created with your mind, body and spirit restoration as our core, heart centered focus and passion. You will leave the Reboot Wellness Cruise™ feeling energized and ready to take on the world. Imagine your personal and professional life becoming better, all because you learned tips and tricks on hacking your daily hurdles and handling them with grace and confidence. You will learn to calm your mind in the midst of chaos and the world will literally slow down, as you will become consciously aware of just how loved and supported you really are.



Costa Rica Rainforest Retreat, May 17-28, 2020

The Plant Chics are collaborating with Peter Pribis, DrPH, MD, RD and Henry A. Villegas, MD, FAAP, FAWM to bring you this one of a kind immersion! This retreat will take place in the heart of Costa Rica’s rainforest. GreenLagoon Wellbeing Resort is immersed in a 400-acre rainforest property with panoramic views of the Arenal and Cerro Chato Volcanoes. It offers the perfect, environmentally sustainable, distraction-free environment for immersionists to fully engage and participate in a health education program. Our mission is to inspire and educate immersionists to make sustainable lifestyle modifications – to prevent, treat, and reverse obesity and other lifestyle-related chronic diseases. Immersionists will have lab work done pre- and post-retreat so you can see how a plant based lifestyle impacts your health and well being.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there payment plans available?

Please look at each retreat page to see payment plan requirements for that trip. Retreat must be paid in full 30 days prior to retreat.

Can I share a room with a friend?

If you are coming alone and would like to share a room with someone, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Do I need a passport?

Yes, you will need a valid passport. Please make sure to check to see when it expires so that you have ample time to get it renewed.

How many people will be attending these retreats?

30 people is the maximum. Save your spot by holding with a deposit. These retreats sell out fast.

Is flight included?

No, you are responsible for your own flight.


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