Spring Clean Your Body with a Whole Food Plant-Based Cellular Cleanse! 

Finally a plant-based cleanse that is NOT only juices and smoothies. We have created an all you can eat whole food plant-based cleanse program to satisfy your stomach while the food scrubs your cells clean.

Bye bye inflammation!
Hello healthy body!


How will the Plant Chics Cellular Cleanse program benefit you?

  • Reduce inflammation and heal your gut microbiome with every plant-based meal you eat. 
  • Protect your genes to guard against chronic illnesses and diseases. 
  • Great for anti-aging and making your skin glow. 
  • Gain more energy with each meal as you go through the Cellular Cleanse. 
  • Bonus: Lose unwanted pounds and keep them off. 
  • Get personal tips and advice during the program and join our private Facebook group the Plant Chics Tribe. 

What’s included in this program


Welcome to the best cleanse you will ever do in your life!

This all you can eat whole food plant-based cleanse incorporates fiberlicious plant foods. You eat as much as you want of the approved foods so you won’t be hungry and you can heal your body on a cellular level. This cleanse can be done when you feel that you need to reboot your metabolism or to get ready for a special event.


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Cellular Cleanse eBook and Recipe Book

A detailed guide on how to do Cellular Cleanse without depriving yourself. Easy plant-based go to recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whole food plant-based fiber is key here.

Cellular Cleanse Quick Guide

A basic guide that gives you quick tips. It has great plant-based visual aids that will help you make better choices when sitting down to eat. Great to have on phone when eating out. 

Cellular Cleanse Slides

A step by step PDF on what we say in the Cellular Cleanse program videos. Great for our Plant Chics who like to read. 

8 Daily Videos

One video for the first eight days to guide you through your cleanse. These 3-minute daily videos that will guide you through common questions, help you overcome challenges, and achieve the results you desire.

Stats Sheet

Chart your plant-based progress

5 Cellular Cleanse Videos

Jacque and Marzia explain the Cellular Cleanse in depth to educate and motivate you. They share many reasons why a plant-based whole food cleanse is good for you. 

Private Facebook Group

The Plant Chics Tribe will cheer you on through your journey. Connect with other Plant Chics from around the world. Stay updated on Plant Chics events and the latest plant-based information.


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