3 Lessons from my Competitor

I am a proud stage mom! Watching my girl Heather compete is like watching my favorite football team: it is nerve wracking!

The over 40 class had a lot of women in it this year, in fact this was the most I have ever seen in a bikini competition! I love that so many women over 40 are competing. I was so happy for Heather, but not surprised, when she was called out for the Top 5.

My heart jumped out of my chest when they called the top 3. I am so proud of Heather for placing 2nd at the WBFF in Miami! 

Heather is such a joy to work with and I love watching how excited she got placing 2nd. She is such a grateful human being and she truly sends out the good vibes energy!

After the show we went out for a delicious and well deserved feast and she shared three things she learned from the competition this time (it's her third comp):

  1. Two-a-days suck. She really wanted to do this Miami show and in order to be stage ready, she had to kick it into high gear and do two-a-days which means...
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5 Life Hacks on Thriving


We're sharing 5 life hacks to a thriving life that you probably didn't know about.

Want to get thriving? We all do. The real question here is the HOW.

We've read about it. We hear people talking about it. There are articles, books, podcasts ALL about thriving. (And I bet you have at least tried committing to one of these)

But HOW exactly can you achieve a thriving life?

To get straight to the point, here are LIFE HACKS on THRIVING that you probably didn't know about.

You are What You Eat

Well, you've heard this a lot. And it couldn't be more true. That's why a lot of life coaches encourage people to change their food preferences and focus on more plant-based recipes instead. 

“Plants? Gross.”

I'm pretty sure most people would think so too. But it can do wonders not only to your body but also to your mind and emotional health.

Focus on the NOW

Anxiety is driven by unnecessary thoughts of what could happen in the future. No one can actually predict what will happen...

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Get Fit Over 40!


Are you over 40? Has a doctor told you not to do high impact exercise? Are you recovering from an athletic injury? Are you looking to get fit, but don't know where to start?

Well look no further! We are launching our brand new program, Let's Get LIIT, which is a 4 week program that includes:

  • workouts
  • plant based nutrition
  • mindset
  • our incredible Tribe
  • 2 awesome health coaches

So what is LIIT? LIIT Is low impact interval training, but it is not to be confused with low intensity. If you can’t or don’t want to jump, bounce, or jar your joints low impact is for you! We have 30 low impact workouts over 4 weeks that include strength, cardio, yoga, & pilates.

There are many health conditions that make high impact training difficult or impossible. LIIT is perfect for those who have aching joints, pain issues, or fatigue easily.

There was a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine that looked at 300 individuals and they compared HIIT (High Intensity...

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