Great things come in small packages

Great things come in small packages and we are excited to announce that Live Ultimate is launching single serve packs of the Ultimate Elixir, Ultimate Shrooms, and the newest addition to their superfood nutrition, ULTIMATE C!

The single serve packets are great for travel or if you're a boss babe and you're on-the-go!
As you may know, all Live Ultimate products are made with their uncompromising standards and Ultimate C will be another ultimate game changer! The Ultimate Supplements are #PlantChicsApproved and they are supplements we personally use and trust.

Ultimate C is made from 11 organic superberries & superfruits that are rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, & enzymes. 

Camu camu, elderberry, blueberries - which contain Quercetin that is super good for immune support, goji berries, amla berries which are super effective in lowering Cholesterol!, acerola, and maqui berry.

Ultimate C is the next level Vit C and it is not made from synthetic...

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4 #PlantChicsApproved Supplements

Before recommending supplements, we always ask this question: do you get an annual physical?

We ask that question because annual labs should be done at this appointment and your labs are the best indicator of what supplements may or may not be needed with the way you currently eat.

If you did have your physical in the past year, we look at your labs and we dive into what they show. If you don't have labs, we encourage you to make an appointment to get your labs checked.

Interestingly enough, some primary care physicians or internal medicine physicians do not check some labs that we recommend having checked: Vitamin D and B12. I have personally requested some labs be checked, and my physician will order them for me. I have also asked my husband to request specific labs for himself too. I will write a blog on this topic another day. #staytuned

Regardless of what your labs are and what "diet" you follow, we offer a couple other suggestions before we talk supplements:

  • Eat a...
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Jacque's Morning Routine


My morning routine actually starts the night before. You read that right: the night before. I lay my workout clothes out the night before so I literally don't have to think about what to put on for my workouts.

click here to watch the full video of my morning routine

After I go to the bathroom and turn off my alarm, I head to the kitchen to drink 16 - 32 oz of water. This wakes up my system in the morning and gets my body going, if you know what I mean. LOL

I digress...after hydrating I do my workout. I change up my workout every day - from weights, yoga, pilates, active living, to walking/running outside. I'm currently in the last week of LIIT and I'm feeling the burn! 

I'm ready for my hydration after my workout. So more water is definitely happening, but this is also when I make an Ultimate Elixir for both me and my husband. It's the evolution of the multivitamin and we have both been taking it for 2 years. My husband has mentioned (multiple times) that he hasn't been...

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