#1 Travel Essential


Does this look familiar? I've literally woken up with my head on my seat mate's shoulder.

So embarrassing. 

Welcome The Original Dream Strap which is a pocket-sized sleep support system that eliminates the dreaded sleep-lash, head-bob, or whatever you call it.

It's super simple to use and it can be used on planes, trains, and automobiles.

It's sleek, stylish, compact, and light weight.

If you're a wanderluster like us, you'll want The Original Dream Strap in your travel bag.

You can get The Original Dream Strap on Kickstarter and support this incredible woman-owned, Canadian company! 

If you would like to support the Plant Chics, you can contribute by buying us a smoothie which helps us create amazing  content for you.

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7 Workout Travel Essentials

travel wellness travel Jul 16, 2021

Now that travel is opening up again, we want to share our Plant Chics travel essentials. Both of us are preparing for trips with our family, and these items are all being packed for my upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic. 

You'll have to stay close to our stories/REELS/TikToks to see me putting these to use on my trip!

7 Workout Travel Essentials

  1. Yoga travel mat - to be honest, I don't always bring my travel mat. But we are renting a villa in the DR and they don't have yoga mats at the villa. Thankfully there is a full gym and spa in the area, so I will also be going there and checking out all of their services. I do plan on doing some yoga every morning, so having my travel mat on this trip is a must. If you're looking for a travel mat, here's one that we like.
  2. Comfy shoes that can be used for a variety of workouts. These VivoBarefoot sneaks fit that bill and they look super cute with non workout outfits too. This company is eco-friendly and they are...
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