Double Digits, Baby!!

Today I am celebrating TEN YEARS SOBER!!
I. Can’t. Believe. It!!
I had a great job, I had an incredible husband, lived in a high rise in Miami, and travelled the world.
On the outside, I looked so put together. But on the inside I was slowly dying. 
I drank bottle(s) of wine every night. 
For a decade. Maybe longer…On expense accounts and on my own dime (or Benjamins). 
In 2012, I was traveling for work and staying with one of my girlfriends. 
She confided in me and said she was drinking A LOT and couldn’t control her drinking. She said she was thinking about getting sober again. 
I confided in her and said I was doing the same. And if she got sober, I would do it with her. 
She called me several times Mother’s Day weekend in 2012 but I didn’t answer. 
I finally answered her call on Tuesday, May 15th, 2012. 
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