Jacque's Morning Routine


My morning routine actually starts the night before. You read that right: the night before. I lay my workout clothes out the night before so I literally don't have to think about what to put on for my workouts.

click here to watch the full video of my morning routine

After I go to the bathroom and turn off my alarm, I head to the kitchen to drink 16 - 32 oz of water. This wakes up my system in the morning and gets my body going, if you know what I mean. LOL

I digress...after hydrating I do my workout. I change up my workout every day - from weights, yoga, pilates, active living, to walking/running outside. I'm currently in the last week of LIIT and I'm feeling the burn! 

I'm ready for my hydration after my workout. So more water is definitely happening, but this is also when I make an Ultimate Elixir for both me and my husband. It's the evolution of the multivitamin and we have both been taking it for 2 years. My husband has mentioned (multiple times) that he hasn't been...

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