Sunday's New Moon

manifest new moon Aug 07, 2021

Ok, we're taking a little detour from our normally scheduled Plant Chics programs for some woo-woo. Except it isn't woo-woo, it's actually quite fascinating!!

Tomorrow we will be experiencing a New Moon.

New Moons are the time to set intentions and manifest over them for the next two weeks.

You should set your intentions as soon as, or right after the time of the New Moon where you live. Check for the moon schedule where you live. This was super cool to learn for me - I had no idea New Moons happened at different times based on where you live, and they can happen during the day! For example, the New Moon is expressing Herself in Miami Sunday at 9:50 AM. #themoreyouknow

You should also create a New Moon Manifesting routine. Here is an example of a routine that was shared with me:

Breath work - this can be as short or as long as you'd like it to be.

Movement - this can be some sun salutations, dancing to your favorite music, walking/jogging outside in the fresh air....

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