Healthy Living Bundle


If you have been following us for a while, you know we love collaborating with other amazing people. When we received an email asking us if we would like to provide content for the Healthy Living Bundle, we didn't have to think twice!

And since we are in the midst of promoting our Let's Get LIIT program, we decided we would include LIIT into the bundle! Sayyy whhhaaat!!

We love that the Healthy Living Bundle includes digital content in the following areas: nutrition, exercise, emotional wellness, empowerment, holistic wellbeing, self care, and hormone health.

The bundle is only available for one week. So once it's gone, it's gone. That means you have until June 30th to grab this gem of a bundle!

Once you purchase the bundle, you will receive an email with the link of all the
material within the bundle. By clicking in each of the courses / ebooks, the file or the
instructions will download, in case the content is in the author's site. 

You have one year to access all of the...

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LIIT Memorial Day Sale!


To heat up your Memorial Day a little more, we are offering a LIIT Memorial Day Sale!

Save 25% on LIIT with code MD25

LIIT is our all-inclusive plant based nutrition, low impact fitness, and mindset program. It includes 4 weeks of inspiration, and many of our LIIT ladies are on their 4th and 5th rounds of LIIT!

LIIT includes:

  • Access to 30 unique low impact workouts
  • Access to 4 weekly Plant Plates recipe eBooks
  • Access to 4 weekly mindset journals
  • Access to our Plant Chics Pantry Guide
  • Access to the 4 week workout calendar
  • Access to our private Plant Chics Tribe community
  • Access to Goal Call Monday live coaching call
  • Access to us - Marzia and Jacque - the creators of Plant Chics

If you've been thinking about getting LIIT, now's your time! Use code MD25 to save 25% now through midnight CT on Memorial Day! Let's get LIIT!!

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The THR5 Formula Summit

Lettuce ask you — what does it mean to thrive? 

What defines a thriving life?

Does it mean you have to be successful in your career? Is “having it all figured out” a good sign of a thriving life? Do you need to be happy all the time to thrive?

Well, there isn’t an exact answer to those questions. 

In general, a thriving life involves a sense of development. That involves acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses and knowing how to manage yourself no matter what situation you're in. 

To thrive,

You don't have to be a successful entrepreneur.

You don't need large amounts of money or resources.

You don't have to figure it all out.

To thrive is a continuous process — that of which needs regular ‘sharpening of the saw’. It needs commitment (and a little bit of guidance and self-education)

The THR5 Formula™ Virtual Summit aims to help individuals become a better version of themselves and thrive in different aspects of...

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Live Schedule Week of January 25, 2021

We start every Monday with Goal Call Monday. This is your opportunity to start working your way toward your dream life. 

Ladies only: join us for our exclusive Goal Call Monday in the Tribe. We always share more personal deets in the Tribe so these are a ton of fun! It's at 11:30 AM ET/10:30 AM CT.

For everyone else, we take Goal Call to Instagram around Noon ET, 11 AM CT.

On Tuesday, Jacque will be doing a full body LIIT, Tabata style over lunch on youtube live. Bring your weights or bands, yoga mat, and your beautiful self for this heart pumping workout! This is a great opportunity for you to get a feel for our LIIT program that launches Feb 1st!!

You know what we would really love? A free way you can support our small business is to Subscribe to our YouTube channel! We invite you to send us any requests for videos to make for you - fitness, cooking, what we eat in a day, beauty....the sky's the limit!

Xx, J&M

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Get Fit Over 40!


Are you over 40? Has a doctor told you not to do high impact exercise? Are you recovering from an athletic injury? Are you looking to get fit, but don't know where to start?

Well look no further! We are launching our brand new program, Let's Get LIIT, which is a 4 week program that includes:

  • workouts
  • plant based nutrition
  • mindset
  • our incredible Tribe
  • 2 awesome health coaches

So what is LIIT? LIIT Is low impact interval training, but it is not to be confused with low intensity. If you can’t or don’t want to jump, bounce, or jar your joints low impact is for you! We have 30 low impact workouts over 4 weeks that include strength, cardio, yoga, & pilates.

There are many health conditions that make high impact training difficult or impossible. LIIT is perfect for those who have aching joints, pain issues, or fatigue easily.

There was a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine that looked at 300 individuals and they compared HIIT (High Intensity...

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