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We invite you to follow three Clubs that we help create on Clubhouse: Plant Chics, Planted Forward, and Plant-based Collective.

Wishing you a blessed Memorial Day Weekend!

Jacque & Marzia

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Pasta Alfredo Recipe from our Clubhouse Room


Our Clubhouse room on Friday was lit!! We veganized some recipes, answered questions, and met a lot of amazing peeps! If you're on Clubhouse, make sure you join our Club, Plant Chics!

We ended our Room with a challenge to create a recipe using three ingredients:

White beans

Kalamata olives


We could take this any direction, and someone mentioned pasta, so I decided to make this into a pasta Alfredo. And it does not disappoint.

This creamy pasta Alfredo is really good. The balsamic veggies that I paired it with was the perfect combination of creamy umami richness with a hint of sweet from the balsamic. It was a delicious party in my mouth!


1/2 c cashews (soaked in water for at least 3 hours; discard the water)

1/2 c white beans

3+ cloves of garlic (adjust to your tastebuds)

1/4 t salt

1/4 t black pepper

1/2 t oregano

1/4 c kalamata olives

4 c greens (I used spinach and protein greens)

3 c mushrooms (I used portobello)

Pasta of your choice (I used brown rice pasta)


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