3 Months of Kajabi for $99!

Heyyy Creators! We want to share one of our favorite tools that has allowed us to streamline Plant Chics: KAJABI.

If you’re interested in creating courses, looking to launch a product, interested in creating a website, and/or looking for a great email provider, funnel platform, or if you're interested in starting a podcast, then look no further!

We have been able to replace multiple business tools with KAJABI.

And Kajabi is getting ready to launch a couple other badass features that we can’t wait to use!

Kajabi almost never does any sales or promotions, but they are offering one that started this week and it’s only available for a limited time!

You get 3 months of Kajabi for $99.


The 3 months should be enough time for you to build your website, create courses and whatever else you want to create.

You should be able to make your money back and start generating income from your services within those 3 months.

We’ve had colleagues change their...

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