New Month, New Goals!

goal setting Aug 01, 2021

If you've been following us for a while, you know we're obsessed with creating goals for ourselves and for helping you create goals for yourself. And the beginning of the month is a great opportunity for you to sit down and write down some goals you would like to achieve this month.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

I encourage you to grab a pen and your journal so you can write down some goals you would like to accomplish this month. As you write them out, make sure they are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.

I'll share a few of my goals so you can see how I make them SMART.

My August Goals

  1. Get back to circadian fasting: get outside within the first 30 minutes every morning to jump start my circadian rhythm, eat breakfast when I get hungry, and finish my last meal by 6:30 PM most days.
  2. Meditate first thing every morning in August.
  3. Get 1k subscribers on our Plant Chics YouTube channel by August 31, 2021.

So let's take a look at my goals and see if...

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18 Fun - and Sober - Things to do in Las Vegas


This blog was prompted from today's room on Clubhouse, Sober Travels. We talk about so many different topics in our bi-monthly room and this week we shared on fun things to do in Vegas, Baby!...sans alcohol.

I've been to Vegas multiple times, and I must admit I have way more fun going to Vegas sober, quite possibly because I actually remember all of my fabulous experiences.

I have personal experiences with a lot of these, but my co-mod Prakruti, shared some of these fun activities. Drum roll please....

18 Fun SOBER Activities to do in Las Vegas

These are in no particular order. And you may want to come back to this blog, as I will continue updating it as I get more activities to add to the list.

  1. The Neon Museum. If you're a blogger, influencer, YouTuber, or just want a great photo op, you definitely need to go here. If you're an avid lover of historical, vintage Las Vegas signs, this is also a must-do experience. Spend the extra money and do the guided tour to the Neon Boneyard....

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Live Schedule - Week of July 26, 2021

las vegas live schedule Jul 25, 2021

We're baaaack!! We had a great time on our family vacations, and it's also nice to come home again and get back to our normal routine. We've got some fun Lives this week and we hope you join us for them!

Live Schedule

all times ET

Monday, July 26th

12:00 noon Goal Call Monday - Marzia is rappin' with you on YouTube Live

New week, new chance to create the life beyond your wildest dreams. And it all starts with writing down your goals and claiming them on Goal Call.

Thursday, July 29th

1:00 PM Sober Travels with Jacque & Girls Love Travel - Clubhouse

If you're sober or sobercurious, come join this room. Today we are talking about fun sober activities to do in Las Vegas.

6:00 PM Plant Chics Tribe with Jacque & Marzia - Clubhouse

Our resident Gastroenterologist, Dr. Vanessa Mendez, is co-modding with us today. We will be talking gut health and all kinds of fun stuff! Send us your questions - or better yet, come up on stage and ask them yourself!!

Help us reach our goal of...

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4 #PlantChicsApproved Supplements

Before recommending supplements, we always ask this question: do you get an annual physical?

We ask that question because annual labs should be done at this appointment and your labs are the best indicator of what supplements may or may not be needed with the way you currently eat.

If you did have your physical in the past year, we look at your labs and we dive into what they show. If you don't have labs, we encourage you to make an appointment to get your labs checked.

Interestingly enough, some primary care physicians or internal medicine physicians do not check some labs that we recommend having checked: Vitamin D and B12. I have personally requested some labs be checked, and my physician will order them for me. I have also asked my husband to request specific labs for himself too. I will write a blog on this topic another day. #staytuned

Regardless of what your labs are and what "diet" you follow, we offer a couple other suggestions before we talk supplements:

  • Eat a...
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Live Schedule - Week of July 19, 2021

live schedule Jul 18, 2021

We're both going on vacation later this week, so our live sched is abbreviated again. But we will be setting goals with you on Monday, so we hope to see you on TikTok!!

Live Schedule

all times ET

Monday, July 19th

12:00 noon Goal Call Monday - TikTok Live

Just because we are heading into vacation doesn't mean we don't have goals. Come join us on TikTok and claim your goals for the week!

Evidence tells us when you write out your goals and look at them throughout the day, you are more likely to achieve your goals.

So write out your goals and post them in the Tribe and on social. Make sure to tag us so we can share them and cheer you on!

Let's crush life this week!

Xoxo, Jacque & Marzia

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7 Workout Travel Essentials

travel wellness travel Jul 16, 2021

Now that travel is opening up again, we want to share our Plant Chics travel essentials. Both of us are preparing for trips with our family, and these items are all being packed for my upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic. 

You'll have to stay close to our stories/REELS/TikToks to see me putting these to use on my trip!

7 Workout Travel Essentials

  1. Yoga travel mat - to be honest, I don't always bring my travel mat. But we are renting a villa in the DR and they don't have yoga mats at the villa. Thankfully there is a full gym and spa in the area, so I will also be going there and checking out all of their services. I do plan on doing some yoga every morning, so having my travel mat on this trip is a must. If you're looking for a travel mat, here's one that we like.
  2. Comfy shoes that can be used for a variety of workouts. These VivoBarefoot sneaks fit that bill and they look super cute with non workout outfits too. This company is eco-friendly and they are...
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Live Schedule - week of July 12, 2021

Hello beautiful! Summer is in full swing and that means summer vacations are happening! We're both preparing for upcoming vacations with our families - I'm off to the Dominican Republic with my husband and his family; and Marzia is heading to Orlando to see her family. So this week, we are reprioritizing our schedules and cutting back on some of the Lives over the next couple weeks.

But don't worry - we are still around for you in our Plant Chics Tribe.  

If you want exclusive access to us, we have a NEW text subscription where you receive weekly inspirational messages from Marzia and I as well as having access to being coached on one topic per month! Click here to learn more.

Live Schedule

all times ET

Monday, July 12th

12:00 noon Goal Call Monday - @plantchics

This week's Goal Call will only be on Instagram. Make sure to tune in and claim your goals for the week! If you miss the Live, you can still access Goal Call and comment with your goals. All of our Goal Calls are...

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3 Months of Kajabi for $99!

Heyyy Creators! We want to share one of our favorite tools that has allowed us to streamline Plant Chics: KAJABI.

If you’re interested in creating courses, looking to launch a product, interested in creating a website, and/or looking for a great email provider, funnel platform, or if you're interested in starting a podcast, then look no further!

We have been able to replace multiple business tools with KAJABI.

And Kajabi is getting ready to launch a couple other badass features that we can’t wait to use!

Kajabi almost never does any sales or promotions, but they are offering one that started this week and it’s only available for a limited time!

You get 3 months of Kajabi for $99.


The 3 months should be enough time for you to build your website, create courses and whatever else you want to create.

You should be able to make your money back and start generating income from your services within those 3 months.

We’ve had colleagues change their...

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Live Schedule - week of July 5, 2021

live schedule Jul 03, 2021

Marzia and I are trying to work on work/life balance so this year we are doing a better job at taking holiday's off at Plant Chics. With that being said, we're changing up our Live Schedule a little bit since Monday is a National holiday.

This Week's Live Schedule

all times ET

Tuesday, July 6

10:00 AM Goal Call - Plant Chics Tribe

The first 30 minutes of Goal Call in the Tribe is dedicated to coaching our Plant Chics who have purchased any of our programs. So, if you've been thinking about getting LIIT, now's the time to hop on it!!

11:00 AM Goal Call - Instagram

Thursday, July 8

3:30 PM Big Announcement - Instagram and Facebook

If you're a creator or want to publish some courses, then you don't want to miss this announcement!

6:00 PM Plant Chics Tribe - Clubhouse

This is an open forum where you can come and ask us questions and share what's going on in your health journey. We always have incredible rooms and meet some of the best people!!

7:00 PM Vegan Cupid's Corner: Share your...

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Happy 4th of July Weekend


It's the 4th of July holiday weekend and we have some tips to help make your's healthy and fabulous!

Five tips to health up your holiday weekend

  1. First off, at the beginning of every month we always post the seasonal produce of the month on insta. If you didn't see the seasonal produce for July, you can check it out here. We seriously love summer fruits! Some of our favs are watermelon, peaches, strawberries, and mango! Yum-to-the-ohhhhh! What are some of your favorites?
  2. Speaking of watermelon, we want to make sure you try our watermelon popsicles and this watermelon cooler mocktail! Mmmmm....they are both super delish! They're also so refreshing to help beat the crazy heat!
  3. Did you know grilling meats, some dairy like certain cheeses and butter, and ultra processed foods (hello hot dogs) produce AGEs (advanced glycation end products)? AGEs are harmful and may contribute to heart disease, certain cancers, among many other chronic diseases. You know what is safe to grill?...
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