Live Schedule - week of August 16, 2021

live schedule Aug 15, 2021

How are we already half way through August?!  That is seriously baffling our minds! All the more reason to gear up for a new week and set some crazy amazing goals for ourselves, right?!!

We have a couple lives this week and we do hope to see you on both of them!

Monday, August 16th

Noon ET/11 AM CT - Goal Call Monday - TikTok @plantchics

Jacque will be leading Goal Call on TikTok this week, so have your goals ready to shout them out! If you're not on TikTok, what are you waiting for?! Seriously though, we do encourage you to claim them in our Exclusive community, in the Tribe, or on Insta.

Tuesday, August 17th 

6 PM ET/5 PM CT - inTENsity - YouTube Live

Grab light to medium weights for this 10 minute full body workout with Jacque. The workout is good for all fitness levels and you will have both high and low impact modifications.

Marzia is continuing to improve every day and you can expect to be seeing her again very soon! She appreciates all of the love of prayers as she...

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Plant Chics Exclusive Community

community exclusive Aug 10, 2021

We are super excited to announce the launch of our Exclusive community!!

insert fire works and sparkles here

But lettuce back up for a minute.

You may (or may not) know that we are all over all of the social media platforms. And each platform has their die hard fans, some of which are adamantly opposed to logging onto the platform where we host our Plant Chics Tribe.

Because of this, we have been looking into different options and we decided to create our Exclusive community on the platform where we host all of our Plant Chics programs. This is also conveniently available in an app and in your internet browser.

This platform is perfect because it's not another social media gimmick that you have to get into. It is a specific app (or website) where you get to go for your daily dose of inspo, support and accountability, delicious recipes, mindset tips and tricks, share what's happening in your life, and literally so much more!

Our Plant Chics Exclusive community is for you if you:

  • ...
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Live Schedule - week of August 9, 2021

live schedule Aug 08, 2021

We've got a couple fun lives coming up for you over various social media channels this week! We'd really love your feedback on what content you would like to see from us on YouTube, so shoot us an email (pretty please) and lettuce hear your requests!

Live Schedule this Week

Monday, August 9th

Noon ET/11 AM CT  - Goal Call Monday - @plantchics

We share our goals for the week and this is your opportunity to claim your goals for the week with us. And if you're feeling like it, request to join the Live with us!! Yayyyy!

Tuesday, August 10th

6 PM ET/5 PM CT - Ikigai: the importance of connections - YouTube Live

Ikigai is the Japanese word that translates to "reason to live" in English. I first heard this term in Dan Buettner's book, Blue Zones, where he described one of the Japanese's secrets to living a full and abundant life well into their 10th and 11th decades is their ikigai.

I will be talking about this and sharing ways you can connect with others who support you in your...

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Sunday's New Moon

manifest new moon Aug 07, 2021

Ok, we're taking a little detour from our normally scheduled Plant Chics programs for some woo-woo. Except it isn't woo-woo, it's actually quite fascinating!!

Tomorrow we will be experiencing a New Moon.

New Moons are the time to set intentions and manifest over them for the next two weeks.

You should set your intentions as soon as, or right after the time of the New Moon where you live. Check for the moon schedule where you live. This was super cool to learn for me - I had no idea New Moons happened at different times based on where you live, and they can happen during the day! For example, the New Moon is expressing Herself in Miami Sunday at 9:50 AM. #themoreyouknow

You should also create a New Moon Manifesting routine. Here is an example of a routine that was shared with me:

Breath work - this can be as short or as long as you'd like it to be.

Movement - this can be some sun salutations, dancing to your favorite music, walking/jogging outside in the fresh air....

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Nutrition + Recovery

addiction recovery Aug 06, 2021

Eating healthy and taking care of your body is an important component of recovery. It may not be the first thing you think about doing when you embark on your recovery journey, but recovery is what led me back to living a healthy lifestyle and continuing my lifestyle medicine journey.

There is so much misinformation about nutrition out there and it can be so confusing! So what does "eating healthy" mean? The short answer is: it varies. It varies based on your goals, past medical history, family history, addictions, and so much more.

What can be good (healthful) for one person in recovery may not be the best for another person in recovery. 

One thing that is consistent is the health of our gut microbiome. Our gut is considered our second brain, and we've got to nourish to flourish! It's important to note that most all dietary preferences can work on improving your gut microbiome.

The single most important action you can take to improve the diversity of your gut...

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Live Schedule - week of August 2, 2021

live schedule Aug 01, 2021

How is it already AUGUST?!! Seriously though, this year is flying by!!

We've got a couple different lives happening this week. Since one of our goals is to grow our Plant Chics YouTube channel, I am going to start doing a weekly Live on YouTube. I will change up the topics (or workouts) every week.

But honestly, we want to hear from you: what topics do you want to hear about? What type of workouts do you want more of?

I can talk about my lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, sobriety, recovery, anti-aging, menopause, travel, and maintaining my healthy lifestyle while traveling.

Marzia can talk about lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, fitness/bikini competition, fashion, sustainable decorating, beauty, anti-aging, and managing stress.

If there's something else you're interested in, shoot us an email and ask us. But please do email us - your email will go directly to us and we will personally answer them!

Ok, onto our live schedule this week...

Monday, August 2nd

12:00 (noon) ET/11 AM CT/9 AM PT...

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New Month, New Goals!

goal setting Aug 01, 2021

If you've been following us for a while, you know we're obsessed with creating goals for ourselves and for helping you create goals for yourself. And the beginning of the month is a great opportunity for you to sit down and write down some goals you would like to achieve this month.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

I encourage you to grab a pen and your journal so you can write down some goals you would like to accomplish this month. As you write them out, make sure they are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.

I'll share a few of my goals so you can see how I make them SMART.

My August Goals

  1. Get back to circadian fasting: get outside within the first 30 minutes every morning to jump start my circadian rhythm, eat breakfast when I get hungry, and finish my last meal by 6:30 PM most days.
  2. Meditate first thing every morning in August.
  3. Get 1k subscribers on our Plant Chics YouTube channel by August 31, 2021.

So let's take a look at my goals and see if...

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18 Fun - and Sober - Things to do in Las Vegas


This blog was prompted from today's room on Clubhouse, Sober Travels. We talk about so many different topics in our bi-monthly room and this week we shared on fun things to do in Vegas, Baby!...sans alcohol.

I've been to Vegas multiple times, and I must admit I have way more fun going to Vegas sober, quite possibly because I actually remember all of my fabulous experiences.

I have personal experiences with a lot of these, but my co-mod Prakruti, shared some of these fun activities. Drum roll please....

18 Fun SOBER Activities to do in Las Vegas

These are in no particular order. And you may want to come back to this blog, as I will continue updating it as I get more activities to add to the list.

  1. The Neon Museum. If you're a blogger, influencer, YouTuber, or just want a great photo op, you definitely need to go here. If you're an avid lover of historical, vintage Las Vegas signs, this is also a must-do experience. Spend the extra money and do the guided tour to the Neon Boneyard....

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Live Schedule - Week of July 26, 2021

las vegas live schedule Jul 25, 2021

We're baaaack!! We had a great time on our family vacations, and it's also nice to come home again and get back to our normal routine. We've got some fun Lives this week and we hope you join us for them!

Live Schedule

all times ET

Monday, July 26th

12:00 noon Goal Call Monday - Marzia is rappin' with you on YouTube Live

New week, new chance to create the life beyond your wildest dreams. And it all starts with writing down your goals and claiming them on Goal Call.

Thursday, July 29th

1:00 PM Sober Travels with Jacque & Girls Love Travel - Clubhouse

If you're sober or sobercurious, come join this room. Today we are talking about fun sober activities to do in Las Vegas.

6:00 PM Plant Chics Tribe with Jacque & Marzia - Clubhouse

Our resident Gastroenterologist, Dr. Vanessa Mendez, is co-modding with us today. We will be talking gut health and all kinds of fun stuff! Send us your questions - or better yet, come up on stage and ask them yourself!!

Help us reach our goal of...

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4 #PlantChicsApproved Supplements

Before recommending supplements, we always ask this question: do you get an annual physical?

We ask that question because annual labs should be done at this appointment and your labs are the best indicator of what supplements may or may not be needed with the way you currently eat.

If you did have your physical in the past year, we look at your labs and we dive into what they show. If you don't have labs, we encourage you to make an appointment to get your labs checked.

Interestingly enough, some primary care physicians or internal medicine physicians do not check some labs that we recommend having checked: Vitamin D and B12. I have personally requested some labs be checked, and my physician will order them for me. I have also asked my husband to request specific labs for himself too. I will write a blog on this topic another day. #staytuned

Regardless of what your labs are and what "diet" you follow, we offer a couple other suggestions before we talk supplements:

  • Eat a...
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