Our Merry Fitmas Song

merry fitmas song Dec 24, 2021

Here is our Merry Fitmas song to you! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed writing it!!

🎤  On the 12th day of Fitmas my coaches gave to me:

  • 12 months of training,
  • 11 nutritious recipes,
  • 10 training tips,
  • 9 workout songs,
  • 8 hours of sleep,
  • 7 green smoothies,
  • 6 pack of abs,
  • FIVE workout days,
  • 4 sets of squats,
  • 3 days of soreness,
  • 2 shiny dumbbells,

And a challenge to be healthy! 🎶

We wish you a blessed Christmas and we hope you make many magical memories with your family!

Sending you lots of love,

J & M


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