Live Schedule - week of September 6, 2021

labor day live schedule Sep 05, 2021

Hey boo, if you can't enjoy Labor Day due to your "diet", then you need to find a new diet. #justsayin

Not sure where to start? How about you hop onto one of our Lives and hear how we slay our holidays with our fabulous and fun Plant Chics lifestyle. Here's where we will be this week:

Tuesday, September 7th

10:30 AM ET/9:30 AM CT - LIIT Ladies Live Coaching Call - Let's Get LIIT

This is the live coaching session that is available for our LIIT members only. We answer your questions and help you create goals for yourself this month!! A goal without a plan is just a dream!

11:00 AM ET/ 10 AM CT - Goal Call Monday - Plant Chics Tribe

New month, new goals! Let's not only set goals for this week, but let's look at the month ahead and set some goals around your lifestyle that you want to prioritize.

12:00 PM ET/11 AM CT - Lunchtime Workout - YouTube Live

Join Jacque for a 30 minute yoga flow. You will need your yoga mat and your beautiful self.  

Wednesday, September 8

12:00 PM ET/11 AM CT - Plant Plates with Marzia - YouTube Live

Marzia will be making lunch - tune in to see how she eats while working from home.

1:00 PM ET/12 noon CT - Sober Travels - Clubhouse

Connect with other sober or sobercurious people and share your experience with traveling while sober and why being alcohol free is your choice. Today's topic: milestones. How do you celebrate your wins?

Thursday, September 9

1:00 PM ET/12 noon CT - Wellness Travel - Clubhouse

This is our new bi-monthly room on Clubhouse! Travel is our passion and healthy living is our purpose. In this room, we combine the two and we will talk anything and everything wellness travel related. Where do you want your next wellness travel adventure to be?

7:00 PM ET/6 PM CT - Vegan Cupid's Corner - Clubhouse

Share your dating drama in this fun room! Karine is the vegan matchmaker and dating coach. She has so many cool tips and tricks up her coaching sleeve. Tune in and join this conversation. And if you're single and ready to mingle, connect with Karine and let her know the Plant Chics sent you so you get treated extra extra special. :)

We hope to see you on all of our live events!! Comment below and lettuce hear any Live requests you have for us!

Xoxo, Marzia and Jacque

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