Live Schedule - week of August 9, 2021

live schedule Aug 08, 2021

We've got a couple fun lives coming up for you over various social media channels this week! We'd really love your feedback on what content you would like to see from us on YouTube, so shoot us an email (pretty please) and lettuce hear your requests!

Live Schedule this Week

Monday, August 9th

Noon ET/11 AM CT  - Goal Call Monday - @plantchics

We share our goals for the week and this is your opportunity to claim your goals for the week with us. And if you're feeling like it, request to join the Live with us!! Yayyyy!

Tuesday, August 10th

6 PM ET/5 PM CT - Ikigai: the importance of connections - YouTube Live

Ikigai is the Japanese word that translates to "reason to live" in English. I first heard this term in Dan Buettner's book, Blue Zones, where he described one of the Japanese's secrets to living a full and abundant life well into their 10th and 11th decades is their ikigai.

I will be talking about this and sharing ways you can connect with others who support you in your purpose and passions in life.

Thursday, August 12th 

1:00 PM ET/Noon CT - Sober Travels - Clubhouse

Today's Sober Travels topic we will be discussing rock bottom. What was your turning point for quitting drinking or considering to stop drinking? Rock bottom doesn't have to be the scary ones you hear about on the news or that are depicted in movies. For example, mine was totally lackluster. Tune in and hear my turning point, along with the others who want to share their's. This room is open to sober and sober curious peeps!

We look forward to catching you on the Lives and seeing you in our Plant Chics EXCLUSIVE community. We have a couple membership levels available: Plantcurious and Pro.

Xoxo, Jacque (& Marzia)


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