Live Schedule - week of October 4

live schedule Oct 03, 2021

New month, new goals, beautiful! We can't wait to see you on our lives and Clubhouse rooms this week! So without further adieu, let's look at our week in advance!

Monday, October 4

Noon ET/ 11:00 AM CT Live Coaching Call - LIIT Ladies - in our App

This is your opportunity to share what's going on in your life and work through any challenges you may be facing. You can also share what's working for you and motivate the other LIIT ladies!!

12:30 ET/11:30 AM CT Goal Call Monday - Plant Chics Tribe

What do you want to focus on this month? Let's start there and then break it down for the week. We can't wait to hear your goals!

Tuesday, October 5

1:00 PM ET/noon CT Sober Travels - Clubhouse

Today's topic is "stinking thinking" or in plain English it's negative thoughts and how we can change our negative self talk into positives, and we will also share about how our stinking thinking has helped us see life differently. All sober and sober curious people are invited to join this conversation.

Wednesday, October 6

1:00 PM ET/noon CT - Wellness Travel - Clubhouse

Today's topic is staying healthy while working. You would think, as a fitness and nutrition brand, our jobs are very active. On the contrary, we actually have very sedentary work while doing all of our behind-the-scenes work. On this week's room we will share how we stayed healthy despite our "desk jobs" this week.

We look forward to seeing you on social!

Xoxo, Jacque & Marzia

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