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live schedule Nov 14, 2021

We are wrapping up week two of Fit to Feast, and starting week three of our 21 day challenge! Marzia was with me last week, so it was fun to do our #fittofeast workouts together. I'm going to miss being able to do them with her this week, but I will make them happen.

Lettuce know how the challenge is going for you in the comments below! 

Marzia and I will be popping into the Tribe randomly throughout the week, sharing meals ideas with you, mindset tips, and maybe some workouts!!

We have a couple scheduled lives this week:

Monday, November 15th

12:30 PM ET/11:30 AM CT - Goal Call Monday - @plantchics

This is your opportunity to create the life of your dreams and it all starts with with goal setting. Have you heard the saying, a goal without a plan is only a dream? Well it's time to turn your dreams into reality, so join me for Goal Call and claim your goals!!

I'm also sharing some excitement that happened over the weekend, so you have to tune in to hear it!

Thursday, November 18th

1 PM ET/Noon CT - Boundaries - Clubhouse

Boundaries are set to make sure you are safe mentally, physically, and emotionally. They help keep you safe from being manipulated or taken advantage of while protecting others and their boundaries. Share some boundaries you are working on or that have helped you level up.

We have a guest host who is a TEDx speaker and is an educational neuroscientist that specializes in showing you how to make your brain work for you, rather than against you.

Make sure to keep checking in with the Tribe to see when we are doing our pop up lives!


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