Healthy Human Revolution Podcast

podcast Apr 08, 2022

The incredible Dr. Laurie Marbas invited us to speak with her on the Healthy Human Revolution podcast. We love Dr. Laurie so we were super excited for this opportunity! 

We share our personal stories and how we got to where we are today. It was a very windy road for both of us, and we learned some valuable lessons. 

We also talk about how we met, how the name Plant Chics came about, and why we created our beloved Plant Chics Tribe.

We love that Dr. Laurie named this episode We Believe in Building a Community for Women over 40 | Plant Chics.

We are obsessed with healthy living, aging gracefully, increasing our health span, and sharing all of our knowledge with you through our Plant Chics Lifestyle.

We hope you tune in for this episode. We would love to hear your feedback!!

Click here to listen to our episode.

Lentils and lunges,

Marzia & Jacque xox


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