Fit to Feast!


Fit to Feast is our NEW 21 day challenge that starts Wednesday, November 3rd!

We are going to work out and get fit together over 21 days so we can feast on the big day!

Fit to Feast is a 21 day program where we workout together 6 days/week. Most of the workouts are done in the gym, but many can be done in the comfort of your own home and it can definitely be done while traveling.

At the end of the 3 weeks we get to celebrate with some delicious food, friends, and you will be so used to working out that you'll probably start your day with some fitness! We want you to count memories and not calories!! #winning

Fit to Feast is only available in our NEW membership site, Plant Chics Lifestyle, or PCL for short. You can join with a monthly membership or you can save some money and join with our annual membership.

We are running an early access promotion, which means you will get the best pricing. But you get way more than a cost savings!!

If you join by November 2nd, you will also get:

  • our Plant Tracker which helps keep you accountable on getting in your 30 plants each week which is best for optimal health
  • our daily self care checklist
  • the early access rate as long as you maintain your membership
  • Join hundreds of women on our Fit to Feast Challenge that is only available through PCL and starts November 3
  • LIVE feeds every week where we will work out with you, cook with you, get to know you and we will coach you!

We will have new challenges - that are only available in Plant Chics Lifestyle - throughout the year. And we will always be adding new workouts and new recipes.

We can't wait to get fit with you for the holidays!! Recruit your besties and let's have some fun!!

Xoxo, Marzia and Jacque


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