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bluezones exercise snacks Feb 05, 2022

Exercise snacks are such a fun concept. I first heard of them through Bluezones, and thought I had died and went to move-your-body heaven! haha

Think about when you eat a snack, it's usually a smaller portion. So exercise snacks are the same concept. They're exercises (or moving your body) for a short duration, like 1 - 5 minutes.

 This is great on a couple levels.

A recent study showed that 15 minutes of exercise increases your short chain fatty acids (SCFA) which is good for your gut microbiome, which reduces inflammation and could help treat arthritis, cancer and heart disease. And those 15 minutes of exercise don't have to be done all at once in order to have these positive side effects.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that we get in at least 150 minutes per week of exercise. That can be difficult some days, but we have a solution for you: exercise snacks!

We all have smart phones, smart watches, or an Oura ring. And they all have options to notify you to get up and move your body every hour.

We challenge you to move your body for 5 minutes every hour. If you do this while you work an 8 hour day, you will get in a whopping FOURTY minutes of exercise throughout your day! 

Here's an exercise snack workout you can try throughout your day.

How 'bout them apples! You will be well on your way to getting in 150 minutes of exercise per week, increasing the diversity of your gut microbiome, decreasing inflammation, and healing your body! #winning

Here are some other fun exercise snack ideas

  • Dance party for 1!
  • Dance party with anyone that is with you!
  • Every hour, when my AppleWatch tells me to stand, I do 25 jumping jacks
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Park further away when running errands or shopping
  • Walk or ride your bike somewhere you usually drive
  • Wash your dishes instead of putting them in the dishwasher
  • During a commercial break, challenge your family to a sit-up (squat, burpee, etc) challenge and see who can do the most!
  • Challenge your co-workers to a similar challenge

What other exercise snacks can you add to this list? Will you try exercise snacks throughout your day? We want to hear from you!👇

Pomegranates and pushups,

Jacque (& Marzia)


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