Double Digits, Baby!!

Today I am celebrating TEN YEARS SOBER!!
I. Can’t. Believe. It!!
I had a great job, I had an incredible husband, lived in a high rise in Miami, and travelled the world.
On the outside, I looked so put together. But on the inside I was slowly dying. 
I drank bottle(s) of wine every night. 
For a decade. Maybe longer…On expense accounts and on my own dime (or Benjamins). 😳
In 2012, I was traveling for work and staying with one of my girlfriends. 
She confided in me and said she was drinking A LOT and couldn’t control her drinking. She said she was thinking about getting sober again. 
I confided in her and said I was doing the same. And if she got sober, I would do it with her. 
She called me several times Mother’s Day weekend in 2012 but I didn’t answer. 
I finally answered her call on Tuesday, May 15th, 2012. 
She told me she did it: she quit drinking the day before. 
I congratulated her and said I’d find a meeting. 
I was scared sh*tless. 
I googled where I could find a meeting and I went to a meeting at 5:30 that night. 
My life hasn’t been the same since!
It’s grown. I’ve grown. 
It’s been hard, but I’ve had so many people to support me: my husband, family, my “OG” friends, and over the past 10 years I have so many other women I’ve met in my recovery who are like family now. 
I met my role model and now business partner while sober and I’m so grateful for the support she gives me too. 
My life is full and I’m forever grateful for recovery. 
If you are struggling with addiction, please reach out. I am here for you.
There is hope. There is another (fabulous) way of life!!
Xoxo, Jacque
PS - Here are some of the fabulous things I did in the past year of my recovery:
🦓 Bucket list trip to South Africa with my husband
🌅 Cabo for a long weekend with my husband and some friends
🏡 Spent time with famiiy
👩‍💻 Launched our Plant Chics Lifestyle membership site 
👩🏼‍⚕️ Joined Planted Forward, an integrative practice where I offer personalized health coaching
💖 Joined Crisis Case Management to help people suffering from addiction
🧘‍♀️  Got back into yoga
✨ And so many other things that I am eternally grateful for.  
I also went through some really hard family crisis’. 💔
I used to drink over all of the above. Now I GET to feel everything and experience it all - good & bad. 
Recovery WORKS!

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