11 Healthy Black Friday Deals


We are super excited for these Black Friday Deals! These are great gift ideas and great to have in your house! We are taking advantage of these deals and stocking up! We have included when the deals are happening, and most have already started!!

As always, these Black Friday Deals support your health goals!! #PlantChicsApproved

In no particular order, here are our favorite mindful Black Friday Deals:

Plant Chics Lifestyle

Girl, YOU are worth making number 1! If you're not already a member of our Plant Chics Lifestyle, our holistic health program designed for women in their 40s and beyond, then we strongly recommend you check it out! We are all about food, fitness, and fun!

We are winding down Fit to Feast and we will be announcing our next program on Black Friday that will be starting midway through December! We love to host challenges on the regular to keep healthy habits exciting and fun.

Join PCL today!

ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet

Girl!! We can't think of a better time to stock up on the 5 day fast with food, ProLon! Hopefully you have been working out with us, you probably will be feasting, and perhaps you eat a little more than anticipated?! Hello ProLon!

We like to do ProLon 3-4 times/year for maintenance and for it's health benefits. ProLon's Black Friday price has been slashed by $84 per kit! But guess what?! You can save an additional 10% when you use THIS LINK and our code PLANTCHICS10

ProLon's BF deal is valid now through November 30th! Comment below with any questions!!


If you're ready to consolidate your high speed blender, food processor, or if you simply need a kitchen appliance that slays nut butters and nut mylks with little to no food waste, you seriously need to get your NutraMilk.

They are offering $100 off with our link. This BF deal is valid now through November 29th.


Hack your metabolism with Lumen! We've been using our Lumen for the past month, and we are still tweaking our Plant Plates and PCL workouts to fine tune our body composition.

Lumen is offering $40 off their FatBurn track and you can save an additional 10% with our code PLANTCHIC. This makes a great gift for your healthy family and friends, and for those who are into biohacking!

Lumen's BF deal is happening now through Friday, December 3rd.

Oura Ring

Sleep is the single most important factor when it comes to our health. And Oura ring is one of the best devices that measures your sleep. They're launching their new Generation 3 ring that not only analyzes sleep, it also tracks your activity (hello PCL!), and your readiness score which tells you how much your body is ready to take on

If you're a techie and love having tools to keep you focused and on track, then you definitely need an Oura ring in your health toolkit.

You better jump on this because we only have THREE $50 off new ring + 6 months free membership!

Ultimate Supplements

Jacque here, these are my go-to super food supplements! I'm super excited that they have a Vitamin C now too. One of the many things I love about these supplements is that they don't contain any fillers and they uphold themselves to the highest standards. 

Their Ultimate Shrooms were just chosen as one of the top medicinal mushrooms products on Martha Stewart. She explains the importance of using real fruiting body mushrooms grown on wood logs and tested for their purity and strength.

Whether you're looking to fill in the gap nutritionally with a daily multivitamin, reinforce your immune system, or experience a complete health overhaul, I'm loving - and recommend - you check out the single serve bundle.

Get 20% of the Ultimate Trio Holiday Bundle. These single serve packs are great for travel and you can also add single packs in holiday stockings! This BF deal is good now through December17th!!

Protein Powder

We are loving Form Nutrition - plant based with a purpose - for their delicious tasting plant based protein powder and their eco packaging. We also love that they are offering 20% off their supplements site-wide with our code PlantFriday.

Their BF deal is only available Friday, November 26th - Monday, November 30th. Stock up now by clicking here and make sure to use code PlantFriday.

Daily Harvest

We are huge fans of DH and their whole food ingredients. They have smoothies, bowls, flatbreads, and some sweet treats. These are great healthy-in-a-hurry meals that we personally love and enjoy.

Click here to save $35 on your first order! This is a great deal and we promise you will love DH!

Sapiens (no-alcohol) Wine

Marzia is a huge fan of Sapiens Rose. She loves the taste and most of all she loves waking up head-ache free the next morning! Their wine is 100% wine, 0.0% alcohol, no juice, all vegan, and 70% less calories than traditional sparkling Rose!

Click here to check out their selection and use code Marzia10 to save 10%.

The next two are for our business minded Plant Chics. We always have you in mind, and we will always include business options in our gift giving ideas and recommendations!

All-in-one platform

If you have a website, blog, email list, need for funnels, have a coaching practice or want to offer digital products, look no further!

Kajabi is the all-in-one platform that we use and by using our link not only will you receive support from Kajabi, but you will also have us in your back pocket to help direct you to all of the amazing tools and functionality that Kajabi has to offer.

Get a 30 day free trial on Kajabi by clicking here.

Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp

We love trying new products in the health and wellness space as well as the business space. When we fall in love with products, we typically reach out to them and ask them if we can get an affiliate link to help promote their product or course.

We only partner with brands that we use and trust. When we share their brands, we almost always share them using an affiliate link which means we are helping them grow their business while supporting our small business at the same time.

All of the links included above is an example of affiliate marketing.

Sound interesting? You can learn more about it in Marzia's favorite course, Adrian Brambila's Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp. 

We hope you enjoy our Black Friday deals. Please share them with your girlfriends and lettuce know which ones you're stocking up on!!

Xoxo, Jacque (& Marzia)

By using our links and codes in these Black Friday deals you are supporting our small business.


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