We have BIG NEWS this week!

level up Oct 24, 2021

Calling our Tribe that are 40 and older!! We have something we can't wait to share with you and it's all happening this week!!

We launched a great video yesterday and we're getting really great feedback on it so far! 

"Incredible"bite sized"  information  that is easily understandable to anyone - many will benefit from this."

If you missed the fastest way to loose weight, you can watch it here to see what all the hype is about.

We are doing Goal Call Monday in the Tribe and on Insta tomorrow at 11 AM ET/10 AM CT and 11:30/10:30 respectively, where we will set our goals for the week, and we will also answer any questions you may have from Saturday's video.

Once you get our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT email on Wednesday, we will do a Live to answer your questions Thursday at 12:30 AM ET/11:30 AM CT in the Tribe and on Insta. 

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Stay close to our Instagram, because we will be doing some pop up Lives toward the end of the week and over the weekend.

We are super excited for this week. We have some great information coming out tomorrow. And we are super psyched about something you have been asking for that we are finally making a reality!!

Stay tuned!!

Xoxo, Marzia and Jacque


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