5 Health Benefits of Tea

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5 Health Benefits of Tea

Marzia has been going to several tea parties, dressing up and having so much fun. And then I get my Zoe gut health report back that is showing me how tea is good for my gut microbiome. So I want to share five reasons you may want to add tea to your daily routine.

5 Health Benefits of Tea

May help you lose weight. Tea, specifically green tea, contains a compound called ECGC which has metabolism boosting effects. Green tea also contains some caffeine which has been shown to aid in fat burning and improve exercise. And it just so happens that caffeine and ECGC work synergistically once again showing how nature perfectly combines nutrition into whole foods.

Antioxidant protectionTea contains compounds called polyphenols. Polyphenols are are packed with antioxidants, and antioxidants protect your cells and DNA from damage (inflammation). Remember, inflammation is a natural process in your body, but excess inflammation caused by ultra processed foods, sun damage, environment toxins, blood sugar spikes, high blood fat levels, and many other lifestyle factors where we have some control. Tea is a delicious way to consume antioxidants and protect your cells.

Improves energy and mood. Tea can have calming effects as well as energizing effects, depending on the type of tea you choose. Both green tea and white teas have higher amounts of GABA, which have calming effects, and are most abundant after about 30 minutes of tea consumption. GABA helps to increase dopamine which also create a peaceful and relaxed state.

Chamomile is known for it's calming effects and is generally consumed in the evening to aid with sleep.

If you're looking for energy, yerba mate may be your new best friend. It has the highest amount of caffeine of the teas, but I think it's an acquired taste. If you try it, I'd love to hear how you like it.

Soothes the digestive system. There are several teas that aid in digestion. Peppermint tea is great to drink after dinner as it helps improve digestion and soothe the stomach. Ginger tea is another tea that improves digestion and has powerful anti inflammatory effects. It is also consumed to help with nausea, including morning sickness. Dandelion tea also improves digestion, helps fight colds, and helps control blood sugars. Speaking of, let's move on to that pretty amazing benefit!

Controls blood sugar levels. When we have blood sugar spikes and dips, that is a cause of inflammation (I just learned that from Zoe experience!), so it's important we moderate our blood sugars to avoid unnecessary inflammation. One way to help with our blood sugar is to add tea to our daily routine. You already know dandelion root tea is good for that; so is cinnamon tea and just about all of the other teas.

So just like we recommend to consume a variety of plants throughout the week (30+!), we encourage you to start working on your tea collection and see which teas bring you joy. Just don't pile sugar and fatty creamers (plant based creamers included) in your tea! 😜

Lettuce know some of your favorite teas below! My husband and I fell in love with Rooibos when we went to Africa. It's so delish!

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