4 Things You Can do for Colon Cancer Awareness

March is Colon Cancer Awareness month and we are sharing four things you can do for Colon Cancer awareness. We are also going to share some staggering facts about this deadly dis-ease that doesn't have to exist. 

The American Cancer Society estimates there will be over 106,000 new cases of colon cancer in 2022. Every week, over 1,000 people die from colorectal cancer, and it is the second most deadly malignancy.

Regardless of the health of your diet, it is imperative that you get a screening colonoscopy at the age of 45 or earlier if you have family history or another reason to get checked.

I have a personal story as to the importance of getting screened early (this is Jacque).

When I was 45 (this was before the colon cancer screening guidelines for non African Americans changed), I fiberslayed (💩) and noticed there was bright red blood on the toilet paper.

I immediately called an ex-boyfriend who is a well respected Gastroenterologist. He told me not to worry about it because I was "young and healthy". It was "probably just a hemorrhoid," he said. 

I disagreed with what he said and tried arguing for a hot minute. This just wasn't right.

After we spoke, I immediately called my primary care doctor. 

He basically said the same thing. 😳

I argued with him as well and reminded him that I'm very in tune with my body and this just isn't right.

I think he finally decided to refer me to GI to get me to be quiet. haha (whatever works, right!!)

Well thankfully I had the colonoscopy because I had a "huge polyp" which was painlessly removed on the spot. This colonoscopy saved my life.

I was eating a plant forward diet at the time, I was sober, and I was exercising regularly. Being plant-based doesn't mean you won't get dis-eases!

4 Things You Can Do for Colon Cancer Awareness

  1. Get screened. African Americans should get screened by the age of 45. Check with your insurance provider, because the guidelines are recommending everyone else to start screening at 45 now too.
  2. Consult with your physician if you have family history of colorectal cancer. In many cases, screening can start earlier than 45.
  3. Be like Jacque and don't ignore symptoms! Some symptoms to be mindful of: rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, change in bowel habits, weight loss, anemia, low iron. Be your own advocate and get checked.
  4. Optimize your diet and lifestyle. Join PCL to get more fiber on your plate and in your belly, and make exercise a regular part of your day. But remember, don't assume safety based on your diet alone. 

I am scheduled to get my 3rd colonoscopy on March 24, and I will be documenting my journey. I invite you to follow along my experience!

Fiber and fiberslayer,

💩 Jacque & Marzia💩 


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