4 #PlantChicsApproved Supplements

Before recommending supplements, we always ask this question: do you get an annual physical?

We ask that question because annual labs should be done at this appointment and your labs are the best indicator of what supplements may or may not be needed with the way you currently eat.

If you did have your physical in the past year, we look at your labs and we dive into what they show. If you don't have labs, we encourage you to make an appointment to get your labs checked.

Interestingly enough, some primary care physicians or internal medicine physicians do not check some labs that we recommend having checked: Vitamin D and B12. I have personally requested some labs be checked, and my physician will order them for me. I have also asked my husband to request specific labs for himself too. I will write a blog on this topic another day. #staytuned

Regardless of what your labs are and what "diet" you follow, we offer a couple other suggestions before we talk supplements:

  • Eat a wide variety of plants. Preferably 30 unique plants per week. This includes: fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and legumes, and whole grains. This will help ensure you're getting most of your micro and macro nutrient requirements through food.
  • Minimize ultra processed foods (vegan or not): chips, cookies, cakes, burgers, pizza, soda and sugary beverages.

Let's talk supplements. As of 2020, the supplement industry was worth as estimated $140.3 billion! So it gets pretty confusing out there - from what is really needed, do they work, and which one's are manufactured with good manufacturing practices?

We have tried a lot of different brands, and these are our top 4 supplements, in no specific order, and they are all #PlantChicsApproved.

Top 4 Supplements

  1. The Ultimate Elixir. This is the evolution of the multivitamin. The Elixir contains 25 nutrient-rich superfoods, supergreens, phytonutrients, antioxidants, adaptogenic & tonifying herbs, four immune strengthening fruiting body mushrooms, and natural plant enzymes. You know what the Elixir doesn't contain? It doesn't contain any fillers, sweeteners, or artificial sweeteners. The Elixir fits in all diet plans and has all of the certifications (Organic, Vegan, Kosher, Gluten Free, no GMOs). I've been taking this every day for 2 years and my labs - including Vitamin D and B12 - keep coming back WNL (within normal limits). If you'd like to try the Elixir use code Ultimate10 for a 10% discount for new orders and free shipping. Simply mix 2 scoops of the Elixir with 8 oz of water and drink! #nevermissaday
  2. Complement vitamins. Marzia introduced me to this supplement and she's been taking this vitamin for the past year (maybe longer). The team at No Meat Athlete created these, they adhere to good manufacturing practices, and they also have all of the certifications. Complement was created by vegans for vegans and it contains the micronutrients that can be low when following a whole foods plant based diet due to the quality of soil: B12, D3, DHA/EPA, Iodine, D2, Zinc, Magnesium, and Selenium. Serving size is 3 vegan softgels per day. If you would like to try Complement, make sure to use code plantchics to save 10%.
  3. Amla Greens - I learned about the world's most powerful antioxidant, the Indian gooseberry, through Mastering Diabetes. I decided to try Amla greens because my cholesterol has slowly been creeping up the past 2 years, and Amla Greens is suppose to support healthy cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels. My cholesterol is still lower than the recommended 200, but I want my cholesterol to be less 150 based on presentations I have heard at medical conferences. I have been taking Amla Greens almost 3 months now and I will update this blog when I have my labs rechecked. Serving size is one scoop in 8 oz of water. I mix my Amla Greens with my Elixir every morning.
  4. Ultimate Shrooms. The Shrooms are what originally brought me to the company that makes the Elixir and the Shrooms. I am obsessed with adaptogens and both Dr. Fuhrman and Dr. B recommend consuming mushrooms as part of your healthy diet. I love eating a variety of mushrooms, but I also make sure to add one scoop of the Ultimate Shrooms in my coffee or smoothie (sometimes both) every day. If you'd like to try the Shrooms use code Ultimate10 for a 10% discount for new orders and free shipping. #getshroomed

The only days I don't take any of the above supplements is when I'm fasting with ProLon.

I hope this has been helpful. Keep in mind, we only recommend products we use and trust. We do make a small affiliate commission with the links provided in this blog. Thank you for supporting our small business by using our links and codes.

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