3 Lessons from my Competitor

I am a proud stage mom! Watching my girl Heather compete is like watching my favorite football team: it is nerve wracking!

The over 40 class had a lot of women in it this year, in fact this was the most I have ever seen in a bikini competition! I love that so many women over 40 are competing. I was so happy for Heather, but not surprised, when she was called out for the Top 5.

My heart jumped out of my chest when they called the top 3. I am so proud of Heather for placing 2nd at the WBFF in Miami! 

Heather is such a joy to work with and I love watching how excited she got placing 2nd. She is such a grateful human being and she truly sends out the good vibes energy!

After the show we went out for a delicious and well deserved feast and she shared three things she learned from the competition this time (it's her third comp):

  1. Two-a-days suck. She really wanted to do this Miami show and in order to be stage ready, she had to kick it into high gear and do two-a-days which means fasted cardio in the mornings with her weight training later in the day. It was brutal because that takes a couple hours out of her already busy day of working a full-time job, being a mom, wife, and being the person who prepares meals for the family (who eat differently than she does during her competition training). BUT she did it and it paid off with her 2nd place trophy!
  2. Cut out fish and eggs sooner. You read that correctly - she is plant strong and not plant based. Her body needs occasional fish and eggs to work optimally. But, for the stage she does end up plant based. She cut out fish and eggs 2 weeks ago and when she did that, she immediately lost inflammation and leaned out. This is one of the fun parts about coaching competitors - individualizing the nutrition and fitness components and seeing how their bodies respond. 
  3. The nutrition was easy this competition. There are so many levels of focus a competitor has to have when training for a show. Nutrition is a huge one, and one that many competitors struggle with. Imagine not being able to have the celebratory cocktail with your colleague or friend, the piece of cake to celebrate your daughter's birthday, that cookie or Frappuccino for an afternoon pick-me-up, and making different foods than what your family is eating so you can crush that goal that you've set for yourself. It takes a ton of focus, determination, and personal development. It becomes easier over time, just like anything, and again it's inspiring to see the results of your hard work paying off.

Heather already has her next competition planned: April in Orlando. She will take the next couple days off to chillax, and we will get on a call next week to debrief and look at what went well and where we can improve. Just like in football, we watch the replay and critique what we see and make changes.

Watch out WBFF, you are going to have some incredible competition from Heather again very soon!

I'd like to hear from you: where can you be better focused and make changes in your lifestyle to be 1% better today? Comment below!

Hugs and hummus,



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