12 Days of Fitmas

Our next challenge in PCL is....drum roll please...12 Days of Fitmas!

You know we know that challenges are a great way to keep yourself (and lets be real, ourselves) motivated and engaged in a healthy lifestyle. We had great energy from everyone doing Fit to Feast and we are super psyched for 12 Days of Fitmas to start on December 13th!

The number one thing we hear from you is that you want to lose weight. And what so many of you do to try and lose weight is cardio.

While cardio is good, lifting weights is what really makes a difference in toning and tightening your body, which will also result in weight loss.

As women, it's imperative we light weights. Lifting isn't only for building strength, lifting is also needed for healthy bone density. After the age of 30, our bone density can decrease by 10% per decade if we aren't doing weight bearing exercises and strength training.

So that adage if you don't use it, you lose it has never been more appropriate!

And guess what?! In 12 Days of Fitmas we have 12 days of workouts which include 8 days of lifting weights, 2 days of stretching, and 2 days of cardio. It's game on!!

We have an entire section in PCL dedicated to nutrition and fueling your body for these workouts with our Plant Plates. You've got plenty of recipes, including some really good ones for the holiday!

If you want to start - or continue on - your health journey, there's no time like the present! Join PCL today and get started making yourself and your health a priority!

We will be going Live on Insta and talking about 12 Days of Fitmas (and setting goals for the week) on Monday at noon ET/11:00 AM CT. Join us and set your goals for the week - and month of December - and bring any questions you have about 12 Days of Fitmas or PCL!

Can't make the live? Comment below and rap with us!

Xoxo, Marzia and Jacque


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