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Jacque and Marzia take the most complex scientific data and turn it into fun language that everyone can understand. They want you to get your colon rollin' to help you prevent and reverse disease. Fad diets provide temporary weight loss; the Plant Chics focus on a lifestyle that lasts forever. 


Being protein obsessed is so out. Fiber is in! Fiber is SEXY and the Plant Chics can prove it. They help break unhealthy habits and create new positive lifestyle changes. Whether you are plant-curious, a part-time Plant Chic, or a plant-based pro, the Plant Chics got your back. Need support? Come join the Plant Chics Tribe!


Tired of snoozefest keynote speakers? Well, get ready to rock out with your broc out! The Plant Chics are here to plantspire you for your next event. Get ready to be educated and entertained. They will motivate you to kale it when you walk out that door. Lettuce turnip the beet with you! 

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rock out with
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