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Plant-Based Experts

We bring a fun and fresh approach to plant-based health and wellness with our energetic pop culture language that will make you laugh and re-evaluate your health. We take complex science and put it into language you can understand, and we create online programs to help you lose weight, gain energy, and be healthy. Get ready to have fun!

Online Programs

We are passionate about empowering women over 40 to thrive in the second half of their life! Our Plant Chics Lifestyle is our holistic health program that includes a variety of workouts that you can do anywhere; healthy meals that work with all dietary preferences; our supportive Tribe to keep you accountable; and challenges to keep you motivated!


Tired of snoozefest keynote speakers? Well get ready to rock out with your broc out and get educated, entertained, and empowered to live your healthiest, happiest, and most confident life. Bring the Plant Chics to your next event or have them create programs for your corporate wellness needs. We will motivate you to kale it in life!

Ladies, if you have a stiff body, sore joints, foggy brain, or poor energy, then you should try our FREE 5 Day Challenge! Fit and Fierce Over 40 empowers you to claim your health!


Want to live your best life and connect with a fun group of plant-based/plantcurious women?

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